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About Us

Veteran & Minority Owned Company

Glitter Gloss Cruelty Free Vegan

I took the time to produce a quality product that is affordable for all social classes. Variety for everyday wear in different genres and environment. All My Candy stands for All for every woman or person likes nice things , whom can afford it and whom can not . We as women all deserve something beautiful.  Its All My Candy to share with you . 

Terms & Conditions

Polychrome Makeup Bags

 1. There are NO REFUNDS of any sort given !

2. We do not ship to unconfirmed addresses! 

3.  Please understand that we fill orders in the order in which they were received 


Vegan matte lipsticks

1. 24- 48 hours to process orders

2. 3-5 days shipping via USPS