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Quality over Quantity


Quality over Quantity is the phrase , but here we provide quality cruelty free , natural made and culturally diverse products , that are affordable. Providing diverse products for each consumer that is special to all their needs in beauty . Lipsticks are waterproof & longlasting ! Palettes are rich in Pigments . You will never have to compromise with All My Candy 

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This is the shop to get all your diversity in products. The whole trip from website click , check out and package delivered ; will be exciting , calm and speedy . If ever in doubt or just have any questions about the process or My Candy Products , feel free to contact me anytime . 

What I Stand For


I took the time to produce quality products, that are affordable for all social classes. Variety for everyday wear, in different genres , cultures and environment. All My Candy stands for All WOMEN and Men , whom enjoy the feeling of being beautiful at an affordable price. Every human is beautiful and make up , just enhances our beauty . Check out my products ; you won’t be disappointed . It’s “ All My Candy “ . So I stand for beauty all around the world with out the limits of discrimination . Also , that’s me in the picture above ; A intelligent, cool , open minded, creative , computer nerd , self taught painter and ceo of an amazing brand . I look forward  too where me and you wondering customers are going . Let’s run the world .